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Bird and wildlife photography
The first component of this website is bird and wildlife photography

All birds are beautiful and important to the environment, and the photographer must work hard and study the species of birds, their behavior, and their locations to get the best photos.

Reptiles, insects and mammals

All creatures in nature deserve to be photographed, and despite my love for birds, I cannot miss the opportunity to photograph the rest of the wonderful living creatures.

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Educational objectives
When art is integrated with science, life is brighter and happier
Teaching photography techniques

I provide educational articles on how to use the camera, use lighting, choose the right composition for the photo, and balance the settings to get the best photos.

Teaching wildlife photography skills

The skills of organizing photography trips, security and safety procedures, and adjusting variables to obtain outstanding images.


I love photography in general, but I feel truly happy in photographing birds and wildlife, and I invite you to enjoy these pictures that I took from 2009 until this moment.

233 Species Observed in Egypt |   63.84% of All Egyptians Birds

The number of resident and migratory birds in Egypt is about 500 species, and about 365 species have been monitored and photographed on the popular global website I had the pleasure of photographing many birds in Egypt, some of which are common, some of which are uncommon birds, and i were lucky to watch and photograph some rare birds in Egypt.

On January 30, 2023, I was able to obtain the first recording and first photo in Egypt of a wading bird, a bird named
(Lesser Moorhen | Paragallinula angulata) This was done in the Egyptian Fayoum Governorate near one of the natural reserves that I visit regularly with a group of friends who are experts in photography and bird classification.

The diversity of the environment in Egypt contributes to the diversity of bird areas. And Egypt is an important stopover and wintering ground for many migratory bird species that travel between breeding grounds in Europe, Asia, and Africa. These categories encompass a wide diversity of bird species found in Egypt, reflecting the country’s varied habitats ranging from desert and agricultural lands to wetlands and coast

In Egypt, birds can generally be categorized into several main groups based on their ecological and behavioral characteristics. Here are the main categories of birds found in Egypt:

1. Waterbirds: These include birds that are associated with aquatic habitats such as lakes, rivers, marshes, and coastal areas.

2. Wading Birds: Wading birds are a subset of waterbirds that typically feed in shallow water, mudflats, or wetlands.

3. Passerines: Passerines, or perching birds, are the largest order of birds and include a diverse range of species with various feeding habits and habitats.

4. Birds of Prey: This group includes diurnal and nocturnal raptors that hunt and feed on other animals.

5. Seabirds: Birds that are adapted to marine environments and spend much of their life on the open ocean or coastal waters.

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Popular Works

I have a large archive of photos, but I do not publish many photos, and these are some of my published works

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